BioRenew Mega Boost: with Vitamin C 25,000 mg, B-Complex, Mineral and Amino Acid Blend in 500 ml NS followed by glutathione 2000 mg in 50 ml NS

Inner Beauty Glow IV: with Vit. C 10,000mg , biotin, b-complex and 2000 mg glutathione with 500 ml NS 

Immunity Boost IV: to combat fatigue and dehydration and illness with 25,000 mg, Vitamin C, mineral blend and b-complex + 500 ml NS 

Athletic Enhancement IV: drip for performance and recovery with amino acids, vitamin C 10,000 mg and B-complex + 500 ml NS 

Mini Myer’s Cocktail: with Vitamin C 5,000 mg, zinc and mineral blend and b-complex in 250 ml NS 

Glutathione: 2000 mg skin lightening & anti-aging & LIVER DETOX IV in 50 ml NS 

Hangover Relief: with mineral and B-complex blend + 1000 mg NS 

Brain Restoration Series of Five Treatments of NAD+ 500 mg: (for addiction, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, or cognitive decline) 

NAD+ 500 mg

NAD+ 1000 mg

Methylene Blue IV: Improves mitochondrial and cognitive health. Has anti-aging benefits and has been used to slow progression of Alzheimer’s 

Hydrogen Pyroxide IV: (Oxidative therapy for cardiovascular Health, anti-viral, Anti-Bacterial, Lyme Disease Treatment, Lung Disease)

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Great for Neuropathy, Powerful Antioxidant, Liver Regeneration

  • Weight Loss Shot – MIC+B12+B-Complex
  • Vitamin D Injection
  • B-12 Shot

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